Allison Traditional Magnet Middle School
 Keys To Success

We are using a mantra this year called “3 Keys to Success”. This comes from Hall of Fame coach Lou Holtz. The 3 keys are:

  • Each and Every day—-Do what’s right
  • Each and Every day—-Work to the best of your ability
  • Each and Every day—-Show someone you care

We continue to remind staff and students of these 3 keys through morning announcements and some of our teachers have them posted. As Coach Holtz says, you do these 3 things each and every day, you will be successful.

                                      99% AWARD WINNER


Tessa Nolen is an outstanding young lady who always puts in 100% effort.  She is a student who is driven by a love for learning, and doing what is right.  No matter what the situation; playing her instrument, working on homework, helping other students, etc. She always tries her best.  She comes to class with a smile even if she’s had a bad day, and her attitude rubs off on other students.  Even though she is a great student, she is also a very humble student, always giving the praise to someone else.  She is the epitome of what the 99% winner should be.  



Allison NAL team was presented with the 1st Place District trophy and 1st  Place Third Quarter trophy last evening at the NAL Awards banquet. Many board members were present as well as Superintendent John Allison who was the keynote speaker. These team members represented Allison superbly and we are extremely proud of their accomplishment this year. Go Eagles!!

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